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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
#include <about.h> 
16th-Jun-2001 12:18 pm
Trevor baby stare

Basic goals:

  1. Create a space in which off(head.top) remarks can be recorded for later review.
  2. Subsidiary to #1, record puns that my mother always asks me to write down. This also provides a convenient way of exposing others to said puns.
  3. Allow interested friends and relations to keep track of my {wheel,deal,mus}ings.
Subsidiary goals:
  1. Create a journal of personal memoirs and musings which proves {interest,entertain,enlighten}ing to people who don't know me, and thus have little use for detailed knowledge of my life. Thus, my writing must be at least entertaining to the casual observer, given a suitable background. Computer geek-style wording will likely be profuse, as evidenced by the above shorthands. (For the unenlightened, {} inserts creates a copy of the embedding word for each element. I reserve the right to make further syntax references without explanation.)
  2. Provide a timeline of personal thought and opinion so that, an I reach an intellectual dead end, I can pop paradigms until I reach a more promising element in the stack.
  3. Present interesting links to my readership.
  4. Support open-source volunteer run projects with social value.

17th-Jun-2001 12:33 am (UTC) - Finally!
Well, it's about bloody time you updated this thing, too. Glad you finally got around to it. Slacker. ;)
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