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Trevor Stone's Journal
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How Times Change 
9th-Nov-2009 11:34 am
dogcow moof!
From a 1986 interview with Bill Gates for the book Programmers At Work:
Features are kind of crummy in a way, because the more features you have, the bigger the manual is. And features are only beneficial if people take the time to use them, whereas speed–if you can print the pages faster, or show it on the screen faster, or recalc it faster–that’s worth an incredible amount. If you can give the users a few simple commands and make the program efficient enough to do what they want with those few commands, then you’re much better off.

A decade later, Microsoft seemed to have abandoned this philosophy wholesale. They became synonymous with feature bloat (from my perspective, MS Office usability peaked in about 1997) and software that ran slower with every release. Gates has had one of the sharpest minds for the business of computing and presumably realized that features outsell performance, particularly in enterprise which is where the real money is.
9th-Nov-2009 09:38 pm (UTC)
They should sell MS Word "Fast & Light" - a modern stripped-down version. The features would have to actually be gone, not just disabled/hidden, or you would see even worse performance. People actually use the features in the other Office products, but most Word users just want a basic word processor that can read modern Word formats.
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