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Trevor Stone's Journal
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The Word is Cranberry Sauce. Spread the Word 
26th-Nov-2009 02:20 pm
rose red sky blue
Things I give thanks for:
  • The financial stability to quit my job during a recession to travel in Latin America and the western U.S.
    • A great friend and travel buddy for said adventures.
    • A good relationship with my parents and their home I can use as a base of operations in such times of flux.
  • The education, mental sharpness, and technical acumen to earn a job at a top-ranked company during a recession.
    • Parents who placed a high value on education and contributed to the cost of higher education.
    • A home town with great schools at all levels.
    • People who share ideas and programs for free on the Internet.
  • A body that's mostly healthy and mostly functional, even though I tend to neglect its upkeep in favor of mental pursuits.
  • An environment where I can enjoy simple pleasures, from sitting half-dressed in the sun to riding a bicycle around town and bringing cheer.
  • A web full of intellectually stimulating things to read, even if it distracts me from more important tasks.
  • Plenty of healthy, tasty food.
  • Hours and hours of good music.
  • A friendly neighborhood cat who visits to share the wealth of soft and cute.
I hope that you, dear readers, have many blessings you can count, even if this year has been rough and difficult. May your bellies and arms be full and your minds and hearts be content.
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