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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
2009 Photographs 
28th-Jan-2010 10:15 pm
Trevor shadow self portrait
Since I got a SLR camera a year and a half ago, I've taken a lot more pictures, many of them not particularly good. I (try to) care about the attention span of my digital followers, so I committed to selecting only a representative sample of interesting photos to post on the web. This year, I've tended to let a big pile of pictures accumulate before I devote the time to compose albums, leading to multi-month delays. But lo, I've examined, selected, and posted the remainder of 2009!

My photographic highlights of last year:
  • January started with a snowshoe trek and had a few more good shots, both frozen and thawed.
  • February had a few good pictures from city park walks, plus a bunch of pictures from the U.S. olympic curling trials.
  • March was mostly about finishing up at work, but I took a few nice fire spinning pictures and some shots around Confluence park before the show began.
  • April through June were dominated by a trip to Guanduras with mollybzz. I returned with nearly 3000 pictures, but pared it down to 475 I wanted to share with the world. Molly's selections (pre-camera death at Travesía) are on her Guanduras page.
  • I did take a few good pictures in April and June that I was in Colorado.
  • July featured trips to Dreamtime, Yellowstone and Glacier.
  • August has a few nice pictures of fire spinning and jumping before my tripod got knocked over, cracking the filter on my lens (fortunately it's a pretty cheap part with cheap repairs). I also took some nice pictures at the last Dragonfest held at Wellington Lake.
  • Burning Man wasn't a big picture-taking experience for me. I spent a lot of time at the temple and took a few nice pictures of art. I was pleased to see someone did a Playa-worthy to-scale solar system, though the un-Playa-worthy version Michelle, Zane, and I did was more educational.
  • In September I learned an important protip: If your camera's been sitting in the cold desert night air, don't dance right next to the giant hot fire: you might get condensation in your lens and be unable to take a crisp photo. I played around with the new involuntary soft focus effect and got some nice pictures of people and things.
  • October is a perfect time to have a soft focus lens, lots of light, and colorful trees, bushes, flowers, and street signs.
  • I spent much of November inside, but I took the occasional interesting picture on a few walks.
  • I started December at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. I visited mollybzz in Mendocino County and we wandered around her ancestral woodlands, chatting about life, gathering mushrooms, admiring trees, exploring a sinkhole, standing on the seashore, and dealing with unexpected interpersonal drama.
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