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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Oscar's Shorts 
21st-Feb-2010 10:37 pm
Trevor cartoon abi-station.com/illustmak
Tonight I watched the films nominated for Best Animated Short Subject Oscar (plus a couple honorable mentions) at IFS. Here are the ones I'd like to see win:

Logorama Montage</a>Logorama is the best use of logos and fair use I've ever seen. It would be hard to pack in more social commentary per second. A panel appeared before the movie that warned that the following film contained strong language and violence. Someone in the (surprisingly full) auditorium clapped :-) Watch the film on the website or on YouTube.

The Lady and The Reaper (La Dama y La Muerte) is the most hilarious pro-hospice 8 minutes you'll ever see. Try watching it here or on .

A Matter of Loaf and Death are Wallace & Gromit's latest shenanigans. W&G fans won't be disappointed. If you're not a W&G fan yet, get watching!
22nd-Feb-2010 05:43 am (UTC)
I saw them in the theater yesterday, and I'd favor "The Lady and the Reaper".
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