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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Google Boulder is Hiring 
18th-Mar-2010 05:56 pm
java logo
Google's working on a lot of cool stuff, and they want to hire a few thousand engineers this year. In Boulder, we have openings for Google Docs (Java, JavaScript), Native Client/Chrome developer tools (C++), SketchUp (C++), and more. Here's the job posting. (Note that it reads as if candidates need to know both C++ and Java; either one is fine.)

Please let me know if you (or any of your friends) have any questions or if you're thinking of applying (in Boulder, Mountain View, or elsewhere. The Native Client stuff looks like it'll be a really fun and interesting project for folks into programming languages, compilers, graphics, and performance. Here's a video of several copies of Quake running inside a browser.
19th-Mar-2010 02:22 am (UTC)
Man, I'd love to work for Google. I love everything I've heard about them as a workplace. However, I have very little relevant training/experience nor am I anywhere near them here in MN, so that'll just have to be a back-of-the-mind dream.
19th-Mar-2010 02:42 am (UTC)
If only I were even remotely competent in either language....
19th-Mar-2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
I have forwarded the job posting to a few friends. Thanks for the heads up!
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