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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
My Ongoing Goings On 
2nd-Apr-2010 12:02 pm
Trevor Stone Character
Much of the time, blogging is a way to work through thoughts and share ideas. So when I do those verbally in-person, my drive to do it again for a wider audience is stemmed by the fact that I've already shared it once. But for the benefit of folks with a Facebookian interest in what I've been doing:

Work continues to be new and interesting. I'm now the team expert on our corner of MapReduce land and the graphs I've been generating bear an eerie resemblance to "in theory" pictures from a stats textbook. Recently I've been making small changes to our client-side code, which is interesting because I don't consider myself as exactly knowing JavaScript. Fortunately, Google's hard-core adherence to consistent code style makes it easy for me to understand what's going on well enough to copy and paste relevant snippets.

Not surprisingly, my personality is a good fit for the Google Boulder office. On St. Patrick's Day, the office had a Can You Beat Trevor's Hat? contest. As one of the organizers told me, "I've been here for three years and we haven't had a day about me."

I rode my bike to work 41 days last quarter. I used to think Boulderites who rode in snow were a bit crazy, but now that I've got a solid bike with mudflaps, it's pretty fun. The ride home in a slush blizzard last week was an exception, but mostly because my bike didn't want to shift out of top gear. I've missed the last two weeks, but Happy Thursday cruiser rides have been growing and more fun. Being able to bike everywhere and a steady diet of good films at IFS are two of the big Boulder perks I missed in the suburbs.

I'm flying to San Francisco this weekend to attend slyviolet's wedding, which should be a fabulous event. My Sunday in San Francisco is currently completely unallocated, though I notice The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are having a Mad Tea Party Easter gathering. It doesn't get much more iconic of San Francisco's culture than that.

On Tuesday I attended gloomforge's last game night before he moves to Portland. I've had a lot of good moments there in the last thirteen years. I'm trying to host monthly weekend game days; combined with Zooko's monthly gathering, there're plenty of games to be had in South Boulder. Let me know if you'd like to be on The List (for mailing purposes).

I've been doing some volunteer web/IT stuff for the Black Rock Rangers and Dragonfest. Despite regular dismay at PHP's design and quirks, it's fun to hack on something with smaller scope and less demanding structure than work projects.
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