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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Fun With Programming 
17th-Aug-2010 12:17 am
dogcow moof!
I'm working on code for a Burning Man art project. I opted to do it in Ruby because it's got Perl-like text parsing capabilities and it's fun to use. Despite being a little unfamiliar with the idioms, I've been able to write and improve code quickly, without getting bogged down in object factories, dependency injection, long-term reuse, or build systems that pull five dozen other projects.

Today I started generating graphs (the art part of the project). I'm using gnuplot and my goodness is it fun! The official documentation is a little hard to navigate, but the examples provide a quick path to graphs that, were I to attempt them in a spreadsheet, would result in much fist-shaking.

One sign of quality that both ruby and gnuplot display is that as you get familiar with them, you can often guess which words to use, even if you've never seen documentation explaining what they do. It's tough to hit the sweet spot between English and formalism, but these two do a pretty good job.
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