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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Throb of Consciousness 
1st-Oct-2010 12:28 am
Vigelandsparken thinking head
I got some Viagra spam with the subject "Throb of consciousness; but they cannot go with us, th" and some difficult to follow spiritual cruft. That seemed like an interesting phrase, and Google's got about 400 hits for "throb of consciousness. They all seem to be of a florid mystic bent, with Hindu/Yogic, Buddhist, and Judaeo-Christian variants and even a quote by Nietzsche. This spiritual connotation seems a bit odd to me, because "throb of consciousness" is a perfect description of the headache I had this morning when I didn't want to get out of bed, but decided I needed to roust myself and make a doctor's appointment.

"The beginning and end of the world-process, from the first throb of consciousness to its final leap into nothingness, with the task of our generation settled for it ; all drawn from that clever fount of inspiration, the Unconscious, and glittering in Apocalyptic light, imitating an honest seriousness to the life, as if it were a serious philosophy and not a huge joke, such a system shows its creator to be one of the first philosophical parodists of all time." -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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