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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Mid-Month Gaming at My House This Sunday 
8th-Dec-2010 11:55 pm
black titan
I usually host mid-month games on the 3rd weekend of the month, but I'll be spending the evening of the 18th at a fabulous music and contra dance party: The 25th Annual Winter Solabration -- http://wsolstice.org/

So as an early Winter holiday present (or a late one if you're Jewish or only celebrate Thanksgiving), come play games at my house this Sunday from 2-ish until evening-ish.

My house is at 4245 Martin Drive in Boulder. If you need spatiotemporal assistance, my phone number is 303-EEL-WANG.

Feel free to bring a snack, a game, both, or neither. In the holiday spirit, I'll note that I'm not fond of socially mandated gift exchanges so you should never feel you are obliged to give me a gift. In exchange, I won't foist on you additional clutter for your house. Your company and presence are presents enough.

See you soon or happy holidays, whichever applies.
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