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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Goals and Rules 
12th-Mar-2011 10:48 pm
Trevor glowing grad macky auditorium
It's important to distinguish rules from goals. Ideally, an organization could just have a set of goals and no rules and the members could make decisions that best support the goals in each situation. Having some rules is useful, though, because it lets the organization express some nuances of abstract goals in easy-to-follow terms. But if you get too many rules, it becomes easy to follow all the rules and none of the goals.

With goals come flexibility. With rules come paperwork.
13th-Mar-2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
Brendan just finished reading the business book Drive, so we've been talking about work environments and motivation. Namely, the "get your work done and I don't care how or when" versus "be here between 8 and 5" mentalities, and points in between. This is one example, I think, of what you are getting at.

Also, electronic air exists. Thanks for the reminder. I should listen to it again.
13th-Mar-2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
It is a good example; yeah.

You can download past KGNU shows for two weeks.
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