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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Once in a Lifetime Yard Sale: North Boulder 
15th-Jul-2011 10:52 pm
copán ruinas stone face
This Saturday and Sunday. 1925 Orchard Ave, Boulder, CO 80304. 10 am to 4 pm. (Yeah, we're late risers. If you like to yard sale shop early in the morning, have your circuit end at our house. There'll be a lot to look through.)

This yard sale is, in fact, once in a lifetime. The Stone family has lived in this house since 1980 and have never had a yard sale. We've inherited several old ladies worth of stuff and not had a yard sale. But we've realized that paying $200 a month for a storage unit is not a good way to deal with things you don't use, so we're getting rid of incredible amounts of incredible stuff at low prices!

What kind of stuff?
  • Books! Kids books, literature, art books, puzzle books, science books, child development books. 50 cents to a dollar for most. If you like to read to yourself or your kids, definitely stop by. We're a very bookish family.
  • CDs for $1. VHS movies for 25 cents. Vinyl records for 25 cents to a dollar.
  • Art (drawings and paintings by my brother, who's got a degree in painting) and art supplies
  • Instruments (cornet: $10, trumpet: $20, a guitar in need of repair: $1)
  • Clothes (mostly for women in the 5' to 5'6" zone, including some old stuff that could be steampunkified; $3-$10)
  • Furniture (desk, chairs, lamps, etc.; very cheap)
  • Antique objects
  • Old Apple computers (G4 tower, LC II, Apple ][ C)
  • Toys and sports equipment. 1960s era skis!

Who knows what else? There are a bunch of boxes we haven't used in a long time…

Craigslist posting here
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