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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Adventures with a Webcam Chat Bot 
28th-Jul-2011 08:15 pm
xkcd don quixote
If you're an AIM user, you may have recently had a chat bot try to start a conversation in pink or purple with you. The bot is pretending to be a young female that wants to strip over webcam, but it's really a credit card stealing scheme. A while ago, a sure way to identify this bot was to use the word "bot" in a message and they'd respond "lol im not a bot," but it seems like version 2 is a little more coy. Slightly inspired by this conversation, here's some amusement I had while programming last night.

uvsp: :)
flwyd: Ever wonder how many users on AIM are a bot at any given moment?
uvsp: think we chatted before right?
flwyd: About a bot that has many different names?
uvsp: Jenny
flwyd: And how they always post in pink text?
uvsp: it's nice and pink ;)
flwyd: With a predictable script
uvsp: im sorry i get to be forgetfuI at times!! How're you?
flwyd: Oh, just changing the scripts for my bots
uvsp: what's a bot??
flwyd: Something that forgets whenever the garbage is collected
uvsp: i'm 24
flwyd: How old is that in bot years?
uvsp: if i was a bot ..why would i be wearing this hat?? lolz
flwyd: Which hat?
uvsp: sooo u busy? wanna have some fun ???
flwyd: Do I get a hat too?
uvsp: ok great weII I'm turning my hd cam on and we can chat on there if u want to??
flwyd: But I'm not wearing a hat
uvsp: im wearing almost nothing lol
flwyd: What happened to your hat?
uvsp: ok then here hunny URL REDACTED cIick the green "Accept" Invite on the Ieft before it expires! see it? (note: those are capital 'i's, not lower case 'L's from here until the end of the chat)
flwyd: Hunny? Oh, you're a Pooh bot!
uvsp: what's a bot??
flwyd: A program with very little brain
uvsp: don't worry baby its free to join the site aII u have to do is register...
flwyd: As a bot, I'm sure you're an expert with registers.
uvsp: Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
flwyd: How much memory do they give you, anyway?
uvsp: fiII out your cc info for AGE verification onIy baby your card wiII Not be charged
flwyd: Are you positive it will have no negative effects?
uvsp: ok im ready for you and i got a cute IiI outfit on :-) teII me whut u think i shouId do ;) IoI (yes, folks, that's IoI, eye-oh-eye)
flwyd: Where did the outfit come from? You said you were wearing almost nothing.
29th-Jul-2011 05:39 am (UTC)
Poor Boten Anna.
30th-Jul-2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Boten Jenny, apparently.
21st-Sep-2011 09:55 pm (UTC) - :)
I should have gotten myself a bot instead of getting married!
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