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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
The World with 120,000 Faces 
16th-Jun-2002 10:56 pm
Trevor baby stare
One nice thing about Boulder is that it lacked a preponderance of flags over the weekend. I suspect that some parts of the country were obnoxiously striped.

At the urging of my brother, I patronized the International Film Series to see The American Astronaut, an autobiographical musical space western. It's quite funny and quite absurd with a self-consciously low budget, weird costumes, and characters from out of left field. My brother and several of his friends decided to attend in costume, but lacking a fishbowl with vacuum hose, leather ski mask, or metallic Hermes costume, the best they could come up was wearing a big shiny pot, several CDs, and a bunch of odd top hats. Still looked odd, but not outlandish enough to inspire the Rocky Horror-like cult they were going for. (The movie is worthy of the Rocky treatment, but not for being bad and cheesy like TRHPS is.) Unintentionally, I ended up on the Pearl St. Mall afterwords. I saw Dave (The Zip Code Man) again, which is always a treat, noticed that the Jamaican contortionist got his box back, saw some folks dressed in black dancing and stick twirling with fire and drums. It looked decently cool, but they seriously need to work on their stage presence... like speaking louder than the drums. The main guy was Itallian, in case you care. Also saw a guy juggling a torch, a knife, and a bowling ball as well as mgeorge and Bucky, who somehow fit in less than the aforementioned weirdos. Probably because they looked normal. Yay Boulder.

There was an Onion article a while ago headlined Racers Fail To Find Cancer Cure. On Saturday, I failed to make an impact on the AIDS epidemic by walking 5K through western Boulder, but I got to see lots of cool flowers and houses I hadn't noticed or passed before and I got to walk and talk with a bunch of Pagan friends as we managed to stick out and be weird in a crowd in which coming out as gay would have minimal impact. And as an extra bonus, we had Chinese afterwords. Mmmmm.

Other than that, I've been sick for the past few days... it's moved from sore throat to cough to today's runny nose and complete mental haze, which explains the lackluster quality of this journal entry. Hope I don't have Rocky Mountain Tick Fever, which could permanently decrease the quality of this journal. I've also been working on my $120,000 world. All I need now is a handfull of people and place names that don't sound lame. Which is the hardest part for me. Fpuns I can do. Pfantasy pphilology is hard.

In other news, DHS, who provide flwyd.dhs.org to me for free, may not be around forever, so I've acquired a domain name that I don't have to spell for people. Mail sent to anything at TrevorStone.org will reach me, and www.trevorstone.org is another URL for my webpage. If you want an email address to remember so that you can contact me in 25 years when you're having a midlife crisis and want my unique flavor of advice, just remember Trevor a-circle TrevorStone.org. In an effort to have an address, free of spam, that can flag my attention as being from a real person, I'll see if I can keep that address from appearing in legal form online for the rest of my life. Sounds like a project. More immediately, I'll try to see if I can stop sneezing long enough to remember to take something healthy.
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