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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Boulder Alert: Missing Banjo 
19th-Sep-2011 04:27 pm
carmen sandiego
Boulderites: be on the lookout for a banjo (or a funny-looking black case). From my dad:
Hello, my Friends

My banjo was stolen Friday night from the backseat of my car! I know it's unlikely that any of you will see it, but with your interest in music, anything is possible, and my heart is breaking at the thought of being without my constant companion and muse-partner of the last 40 years. I played it on mountaintops and seacoasts, in forests and prairies, in churches and cabins and concert halls, on ships and trains and hayrides, for young square dancers and very old ladies, for mourners at funerals and for drunks in Irish pubs, for my dying friends and for my newborn children, on couches, stages, radio and TV. All along, of course, I mostly played for myself and for the music.

It's a Gibson Mastertone 5-string, specifically a 1926 Ball-bearing, converted from tenor to 5-string about 1970 at GTR in Nashville. It has a mahogany resonator and neck, with Hearts and Flowers inlay pattern on the ebony fingerboard. The finish is worn on the resonator and peghead, and there is considerable wear on the first few frets. It has an unusual five-finger tailpiece, and the bridge has the initials RW on it. The frosting on the head is worn enough that you can see into the inside. Stamped in the wood on the inside of the shell (have to take the resonator off to see it) is the number 522643600. It was in a black hardshell case with no stickers or decorations, some wear in the handle. Blue plush inside.

Again, I don't expect any of you to find it, but one never knows, and if you could spread the word wherever and whenever you happen to think of it, it can't hurt. I am contacting the police and music stores and pawn shops, but it is a huge and daunting task. I've emailed Banjo Hangout's website, and Banjo NewsLetter, and I'm contacting you and all my friends, mostly just to share my grief with you. If you have any suggestions for me to help me in my search, please let me know, either by email or at 303.442.3939.

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes, your prayers, your influence with the universe, and most of all for your love and friendship.
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