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Trevor Stone's Journal
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A Strange Dream About an Intense School and Carnival-like Games 
10th-Oct-2011 08:07 am
intense aztec drummer DNC 2008
I just had a long and odd dream.

I'm a kid in a rather intense school. They've got an all-day event where there are a whole bunch of games and challenges set up in a pretty wide area in a dry valley with a parking lot next to the highway by the rim. The adults running things are pretty gruff. I'm not remembering specifics of the games, but they're sort of carnivalish in flavor, though without the carney advantage -- they're doable, just hard and somewhat demeaning. Groups of kids go from one to another, and they're supposed to eventually do all of them.

After one or two, I decide the whole thing sucks and is bad for me as a person. I slip away from my group, and am making my way towards the parking lot, but occasionally get pulled into a game. When I reach the parking lot, there's a game in one half of it and a tent with a TV, I think playing sports, and a bunch of adults drinking beer. Really nervous, I slip into the sports bar tent. I end up with a bottle of wine somehow.

As the game to my left comes to a dramatic conclusion, a bunch of turnstiles click together, lights go out, and the area is locked. But the turnstile line is just behind me, and there aren't any turnstiles in the sports bar. The adults get up and walk around, and I quietly slip to the front, walk unobserved out of the tent, out of the parking lot, and start walking down the road with my bottle of wine.

Along the road, I pass some houses and also a few adults from the program I'd gotten away from. Either it was officially over or they didn't recognize me, so they were nice to me and didn't realize I'd skipped out, They also didn't notice the bottle of wine.

I eventually walked down the road and met up with my parents at their car and put the wine in a bag so nobody would notice I had it. They were glad to see me, and thought the event with all the demeaning games was lame, though I don't know why they didn't write me a note to excuse me from the event. Another school's football team showed up. Since most of the kids from my school were at this weird event, I think the other team won by default, but they wanted to scrimmage. They had me join them to play the position "short weakling wide receiver," and I happily went along with it.
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