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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Games this Sunday 
19th-Oct-2011 11:48 pm
black titan
A little bird reminded me that Sunday afternoon already features the Big Game Hunt; a day of board gaming with friends in downtown Boulder. Rather than having two parties with one goal, let's just have one. Don't come to my house; instead go to RightNow Technologies at 1300 Walnut, Suite 200. Still starts at 2 PM, goes until 9. Still bring snacks and games, etc. Event details at http://plancast.com/p/805i/boulder-big-game-hunt or http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=294369370576285 if you've got a Facebook account.

The air's getting colder, the satisfying crunch of dry leaves is under our feet, and it's time to all be warm in one room drawing cards, rolling dice, and moving small objects around on a table.

Sunday, October Twenty-third, Two Pee Em Until Late
Forty-two Forty-five Martin Drive, Boulder, See Oh, Eight Oh Three Oh Five
Three Oh Three EEL WANG

Bring a snack, a beverage, a favorite game, some children, or nothing at all!
And maybe by the end of the night we can celebrate a Cardinals victory in the World Series.
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