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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Sunday: Last Games Day at 4245 Martin Dr 
2nd-Jul-2012 11:21 pm
black titan
The votes are in, and everyone's got a conflicting schedule! But Sunday looks reasonably popular, so...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Come one, come all, to the last games day at 4245 Martin Drive! (Boulder, CO, 80305 in case you still need to ask the Internet for directions.)

Arrive any time after 2pm and leave any time before I fall over into bed (call it midnight).

If you get lost or have questions, call me at 303-EEL-WANG.

Bring food and drink to eat or share. Bring a good board game or two. Bring friends, relations, children, or well-behaved people you met on the street. Just don't bring any fireworks :-)

This will be my last opportunity to host game day before I move to the North Boulder foothills, a block from the Anne U. White trail and two miles from the Bustop. I plan to continue the tradition of approximately monthly game days up there, though I may skip August on account of OMG JUST MOVED AND HAVE TO GET READY FOR BURNING MAN. And hey, if you feel like helping me move in the middle of July...
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