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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Gameday Gameday Gameday 
9th-Jan-2013 11:38 pm
black titan
There's no TV reception at my house, so instead of watching playoff football this Sunday, let's play board games!
In many ways it will be like a football party. Bring whatever snacks and drinks you like. Sit around the living room and rejoice when your side scores and bemoan the fates when another side scores. Animatedly recount clever plays that someone missed while they weren't paying attention.
In other ways, it won't be like a football party. You decide what game is played and who's involved. There are no commercial interruptions. You can show up late, leave early, and still get a good game in.

As usual, the details are
Arrive at 2pm. Or after that, whatever. Leave late in the evening. Or before that, whatever.
Find directions to 1006 Wagonwheel Gap Rd at http://trevorstone.org/wagonwheel.html
Call 303-EEL-WANG if you get confused. Your cell phone may not work at my house, so feel free to give out that number if anyone needs to get ahold of you.
Feel free to take a hike on the lovely Anne U. White trail a block from the house before you get your game on.

See you Sunday!
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