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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
morphin power III 
3rd-Sep-2001 07:12 pm
Trevor baby stare
Wow. I'm k-impressed with Audio Galaxy. After discovering that LimeWire liked to take up about 50MB of RAM and then crash, I perused a filesharing portal for a Mac Satellite client.

What's not to like? Leave your satellite on 24/7, and when someone logs on with the song you want, you download it automagically. No more downloading the same song five times from five punksters whose connections all drop. You can return more than 100 results. It's easy to find obscure stuff, it just may take a while to get. And as a bonus feature, people have problems spelling, so incorrectly named files get past copyright guards.

In addition, I'm slowly working my way through the gigs of mp3s my brother suggested I grab from him. I don't have the drive space for all of them, so my task is to determine which I hate most. Maybe I just need to make an mp3 CD of "Loud Obnoxious Music." I probably don't need 400 megs of Marilyn Manson.

Wanna grab some of my stuff? Shoot me an email. Much isn't well organized yet, but you'll live.

Colds suck. Why am I sick now that I'm getting the right amount of sleep (more or less) and just went to the HMO? I dislike not having enough brain power to do more than organize mp3s and read LiveJournal.
4th-Sep-2001 01:20 am (UTC) - awwww.....
You're sick? that's no fun at all!! :( I'm sorry. Sick sucks. But c'mon, it could be worse than reading all of the scintillating news of Glendale via LJ, couldn't it? I mean, really...you've got what amounts to your own text edition of my brilliant wit at your fingertips. *sarcastic grin* So turn those congested sinuses upside down! (it's vaguely like turning a frown upside down but with more drainage. Unless you drool a lot. But still.)
Feel better.
Take some Cold Snap or echinacea or goldenseal or angelica or herbal tea or....
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