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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Borrowing a Personal Map 
21st-Jun-2018 11:31 pm
earth eyes south america face
We were instructed to create a personal map as homework for an all-day team alignment meeting at work today. The general expectation was that it would be mind map style: your name in the center and branches leading to ideas which play an important role in your life.

Since I'm a map nerd and we're part of the geo team, I decided to dispense with the node/edge modality and use a geographic map as the base. And since laying out and drawing a map of my own psyche is a more involved project than I wanted to undertake, I started by borrowing from one of my favorite maps: Tolkien's map of Middle-earth. I then carefully positioned some of the key pieces of my life upon the rich geolocated symbolism of Arda, arriving at this interesting work:
Personal map positioning concepts from my life on a map of Middle-earth
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