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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Furthering the Bechdel Test 
9th-Oct-2018 11:34 pm
inner maiden animated no words
I was recently thinking about the Bechdel test—whether a work of fiction
  1. Has at least two female characters
  2. Who talk to each other
  3. About something other than a man

and ways it might be extended to the next level. I like this formulation: a story
  1. Has a female protagonist
  2. Who completes her objective
  3. And is rewarded with something other than a man

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass pass. As does The Wizard of Oz and Frozen. I suppose Island of the Blue Dolphins passes, though I'm not sure if getting off the island was the main character's goal. So there's decent success at stories targeted at young people, though Disney certainly has a history of missing the mark. In the women-killing-dangerous-enemies genre, the films Alien (and Aliens) and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy pass.

I then realized that I don't know, off hand, a lot of stories or films with female protagonists. And many of the ones I do know, I've forgotten what the reward is at the end of the story. I'd love to hear more stories in the comments to add to the list.

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24th-Oct-2018 09:51 pm (UTC)
That sounds a lot like the Mako Mori test:


a) at least one female character;

b) who gets her own narrative arc;

c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.

Which was invented for Pacific Rim, which failed to pass Bechdel because it really pointedly had only one major character who was female. I think they had some dumb idea that other female characters would distract from her? So most of the cast was male, even though pretty much all of them could just as well have been female without hurting plot or characterization.

Mako Mori passes your test, but it is an entirely separate measure from Bechdel. Films that don't pass Bechdel either have a problem with token females and lack of gender balance, or they have a problem with women not talking to each other, or only talking to each other about men.

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