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LiveJournal Crossposts Fixed

I just noticed that crossposts from my Dreamwidth account to LiveJournal (hey, remember LiveJournal?) were broken for the last year. I think LiveJournal forced a password reset (half a year after someone blew me off on a support ticket when I suggested they'd suffered an account breach) and I forgot to update it on the Dreamwidth crossposting side.

That's fixed now, and I've triggered a crosspost for everything I read in the last year. If that all showed up in your LJ friends page at once, apologies for the mess. (And also, why haven't you migrated to Dreamwidth yet?)

So, uh, in the last year:
  • I was having trouble sleeping and tried to take a relaxing vacation to Jamaica, but couldn't sleep there either.
  • Dealt with some exciting water-related homeowner problems.
  • Got some medical interventions that helped with sleep and inflammation.
  • Took my parents to Iceland to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Lobbied Congress to pass climate change legislation.
  • Delivered a stand-up comedy bit about passing a climate change bill through Congress.
  • Gave a talk at Ignite Boulder 40 about turning organizational charts upside down.
  • Recognized that I'd just been in go-mode for two months straight, and decided to spend the winter holiday season sitting around organizing digital photos.
  • Spent January and February feeling burned out and introspective.
  • Got periodontal surgery that I'd been putting off for most of a decade.
  • Oh hey, it's a global pandemic! Time to work from home, have video conferences, chill out, go for a walk every day, clean up the garden, and do those things I wouldn't normally get around to, like write a vim plugin and read the appendices to Lord of the Rings that I apparently skipped at age 15.

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