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Shelf Care part two

I previously blogged about finding the right bookshelves for my new home with a note that I need to develop a shelving plan for the boxes of CDs in the garage :-/ The house is abundant in many ways, but "horizontal wall space that's not in a walkway" isn't one of them.

A couple months into COVID I noticed that we kept getting steep discount coupons from Wayfair and I figured that there's no time like a pandemic for arranging your furniture. I found a couple 1000+ CD shelving units on the site and we rearranged the living room so that a tall media shelf could go where the TV had been, but then I never got around to actually ordering the shelving units. (COVID hasn't made me any better at actually finishing projects.) Realizing that assembling furniture would be a good alternative to staring at a computer screen after work, I decided to up the priority on this. I poked around the web and found something even better than wooden shelving: 6-foot tall CD-sized metal racks. The lack of a back here is key: we can place the unit over the light switch, leaving plenty of space to control the lights but letting the shelves be flush with the edge of the wall.

After setting one rack up, filling the middle with DVDs, and adding a couple rows of CDs my wife said "I have an idea…" I could somehow tell that the idea was "Organize everything by color." I remember poking fun at someone a decade ago for saying they organized their DVDs by color. "What?! Do you come home and say 'I'm in the mood for a red movie today?" But looking at four shelves of movies I realized that a linear scan wasn't too bad to find the movie you're looking for, and it might look interesting. And yeah, it turns out a DVD rainbow is kinda cool.

CDs are off-limits for color sorting, though. Non-adjacent albums by the same band would be a constant nag on the librarian in the back of my brain.

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