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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
29th-Oct-2002 01:37 am
Trevor baby stare
One of my residents is on the Missing Persons list. He told his roommate he was going to do laundry last week and nobody's seen him since. Nobody has any idea where he could be, either. It's disconcerting, partly because none of us can do anything about it.

On Saturday night I went to the Witches Ball. It was lots of fun, with a wide array of neat costumes. There were people who were dressed much like the last time I saw them (some ordinary Pagan event) -- witches dressed as witches! Oh, the irony! But there were some stellar costumes -- Kali, Harry Potter, five teens dressed as the five elements, the troll king, Lucifer (a bald guy in a suit handing out business cards), a guy in a wheel chair-cum-electric chair, a deer shaman, lots of cute kids representing everything from Batman and Buzz Lightyear to Unicorns to a 6-month-old as Titania, Queen of the Faeries to an even smaller kid dressed as a bat. I came as Jesus Christ which lots of folks appreciated. One woman said "Now when someone asks me if I've found Jesus I can say 'Yes, I met him at the Witches Ball.' That'll stop the conversation right there." Some guy asked "What's a nice Jewish boy like you doing in a place like this?" I've yet to decide if I want to Trick-or-Can as Jesus Christ, Televangelist (normal Jesus plus cheap tie and convincing pronunciation of 1-900-2B-SAVED). I took part in the midnight Samhain ritual, in which the HP and HPS narrated stories that the rest of us mimed out. I was a spider in an AmerIndian story about a hero killing a bad elk and a horse in a neat story of helpful and non-helpful roommates visiting Grandmother Moon, inspired by an Asian Indian story. The final story was the Throne Room scene from Return of the Jedi. Most folks in the room enjoyed the ritual, though some uptight traditionalists left. Their loss :-D Afterwards, several small bands of Pagans invaded a diner in west Denver. About 90% of the diner customers at 2am were costumed pagans. It was pretty cool looking. I wonder how often they get weirded up like that. Worthy of a Zippy strip.

On Saturday I had a blast watching CU beat Texas Tech (TX Beta did not second half). I was in the front row in an endzone section, so a camera man filmed me leaning on the rail in my shark hat watching the game. No stupid "Look at me, I'm an idiot on TV" for me.

On Sunday I learned about Group Process in Engineering Futures. I got very little class work done. I think I'm becoming a worse student as time goes on. I need to stop devoting so much time to student groups and otherwise helping people. Good thing I'm graduating this year. Otherwise I might devolve into a Business Student or something.

I spent several hours last night grading homework in between watching the World Series. Smegging partial credit for people whose code doesn't work right. I at least put appologies in comments when I write sketchy code.

Last week started with a giant crick in my neck and a nasty cold. The crick slowly worked its way down to my pelvis, such that if I sat down for a while I had trouble walking, but I felt much better after standing up for a whole football game. Go figure. My kinks seem to have worked themselves out.

I want Daylight Savings Time back. Walking home in the dark after class (6:15!) is disappointing. And it's not like I use the extra daylight in the morning anyway.

That was a quickie? Wow. Too bad my endurance in other areas isn't that good.
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