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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
We Weather the Rain, We Weather the Snow 
4th-Feb-2003 12:29 am
Trevor baby stare
Last month, Boulder received .08 inches of precipitation (and only trace amounts of snow), less than 12% usual. December had .03 inches, 4% of normal. There was one snowfall, which stayed on the ground for no more than a day. 11 days didn't reach freezing, and the month's low was 14. 10 days didn't rise above 50, and 9 days were in the 60s.

Denver had less than 7.5 inches of precipitation last YEAR. (Deserts get less than 10" annually, IIRC.) Boulder was wetter, thanks to a couple large one-day dumps.

Fortunately, February already has .42 inches of precipitation.
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