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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
This and That 
24th-Sep-2001 01:12 am
Trevor baby stare
Friday night I saw Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation® and even got a free official souvenier barf bag. It was in the incredohot Basemar CinemaSaver theater (could you get any cheesier sounding, folks?), but it felt cooler after the intermission (where I ran into Bucky, Forrest, Nate, Jay, Erin, and Forrest's girlfriend). The films themselves were something of a mixed bag. Some were purely twisted and funny, like No Neck Joe, some were sick and not funny like Sloaches Fun House and Lloyd's Lunchbox, some were sick, twisted, and funny, like Beyond Gradpa, Wheelchair Rebecca, and Radioactive Crotch Man 3, while others weren't very sick or twisted, but perhaps the funniest of the lot (the Oscar nominated Rejected, the Pixar For the Birds, and Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World which, contrary to hearsay, is not Lego-porn). If I had no life, I'd provide a link for each of those movies. Go use IMDb, AtomFilms, and <ahref="http://www.ifilm.com/">ifilm</a> on your own.

On Saturday I woke up early (like, 11) and finished my sign for the peace rally at the bandshell. The message of the day seemed to be "Peace through Justice, not War." An interesting anecdote presented: while some activists climbed a scaffold at Elitch Gardens with a banner with the above slogan and pictures of the Dalai Lama, MLK Jr., Jesus Christ, and Mahatma Ghandi, the one journalist present asked David Barsamian "Is that third guy Bob Marley?" Perhaps the best statement that came from the rally was the observation that we've treated most past acts of terrorism in America as criminal acts, not acts of war.

I then went straight to the football game - CU beat Kansas in a nice sunny game 27-16, even though the Buffs seemed determined to lose by way of penalties. So a tongue out to all you Kansas fans.

Following upon that was an open Equinox celebration with Green Sabbat: Althea Jam Band and at least four people I'd never met before. It's cold at dusk in Nederland now, and I hadn't thought ahead to bring more clothes than shorts and a T-shirt, but I toughed it out, Bergie style. Despite the fact that half of the potluck items had cheese of some sort involved, it was a nice evening.

Sunday I watched The Princess and the Warrior, Tom Tykwer's recent film of romance, coincidence, and chance. It's hard to say much about the film analytically. It's beautiful, like Wintersleepers and has Franka Potente and intense past and developing family issues like Run Lola Run, but maintains uniqueness.

So I somehow managed to fail to do any homework until about 10pm on Sunday. I need to kick some of that Protestant Work Ethic into me pretty soon.

Aside: could the Phoenix LJ client organize moods emotionally? Thanks.
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