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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Anticipation May Begin... Now! 
24th-Mar-2003 06:35 pm
Trevor baby stare
Well I'm about to get sick
From watchin' my TV
Been checkin' out the news
Till my eyeballs fail to see
I mean to say that every day
Is just another rotten mess
And when it's gonna change, my friend
Is anybody's guess, so I'm
Watchin' and I'm waitin'
Hopin' for the best
Even think I'll go to prayin'
Every time I hear `em sayin'
There's no way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
No way to delay the trouble
Comin' every day
Wednesday I watched the riot
Seen the cops out on the street
Watched `em throwin' rocks & stuff & chokin'
In the heat
Listen to reports
About the whisky passin' `round
Seen the smoke & fire
And the market burnin' down
Watched while everybody
On his street would take a turn
To stomp & smash & bash & crash & slash & bust & burn
And I'm
Watchin' and I'm waitin'
Hopin' for
Even think I'll go to prayin'
Every time I hear `em sayin' that there's
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day

-- Frank Zappa "More Trouble Every Day"
Caloo! Wonderful! Awesome! The Conference on World Affairs schedule is up. Lots of interesting-looking panels. Enjoyable return panelists like Patch Adams, Andy Ihnatko, Paul Jones, Leonard Shlain, and (of course) Roger Ebert. Some interesting new faces will show as well, including Daniel Ellsberg.

Ebert will show Floating Weeds a ssubtle, peaceful, family-oriented -- in short, Japanese -- drama by Ozu Yasujiro. This Cinema Interruptus will probably be much more focused on cinematic technique than the massive "huh?"-fest that was Mulholland Dr., Interruptus. It probably also won't spin off the shouting matches that Fight Club did, and Ebert's stories of Hollywood personalities will almost certainly be lower than when we watched Casablanca. He's also showing Tokyo-Ga, Wim Wenders' documentary about Ozu. The timing of that showing is fortuitous, since Leonard Shlain's "Art and Sex and Physics: Zeitgiest of the Times" aria is in an overlapping Monday afternoon timeslot.

Other panels range from international relations to storytelling to journalistic ethics to pornography to poetry to jazz concerts to space to a film about Patch Adams and other clowns in Kabul. If you live in the Boulder area, rearrange your schedule so that you can attend these wonderful free panels. If you don't live in Colorado, but were wondering what to do with your extra vacation time, there is no better time to visit Boulder than the second week of April. Certainly don't count on any journal entries from me during that week and a few lengthy ones after it.

In other news, it's spring break. I drove down to Pueblo on Saturday and learned how to play the fabulous game of Curling. My dad and I managed to develop to the point that we could get the stone most of the way to the target area and neither fell down nor sprained our groins, so a good show all around! The huge snowstorm of last week apparently didn't get south of Colorado Springs, either, so it was warm and dry down there. (I'd never actually been to Pueblo. The landscape looked cool, sort of a gentle segue to full-blown New Mexico.)

I also lead a chez-silly Ostara ritual. I'll be a tease and write about that anon.
24th-Mar-2003 11:27 pm (UTC)
I'll be a tease and write about that anon.

Darned right you will!

Was that a complaint or an imperative?

I'm not sure.

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