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Trevor Stone's Journal
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From the AP: March 27, 2003  |  WASHINGTON (AP) -- The… 
27th-Mar-2003 10:28 pm
Trevor baby stare
From the AP:
March 27, 2003  |  WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House passed a resolution Thursday calling for a national day of humility, prayer and fasting in a time of war and terrorism.

Meanwhile, the House continued to turn a blind eye to the humiliation, prayers, and hunger of victems of war and terrorism.

The resolution, passed 346-49, says Americans should use the day of prayer "to seek guidance from God to achieve a greater understanding of our own failings and to learn how we can do better in our everyday activities, and to gain resolve in meeting the challenges that confront our nation."

Calls to God for comment were not returned by press time. Representatives reported gaining resolve to pass more symbolic resolutions, bills based on acronym, and knee jerk reactions.

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