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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Deviance and Controversy 
7th-May-2003 10:26 pm
Trevor baby stare
Every controversy needs one succinct explaination of exactly why people are out of touch with reality. For the Senator Santorum controversy, this quip comes from Dan Savage in this week's Savage Love:
I'm running your letter, SIS, to illustrate a point for Rick, a regular reader of my column: SIS and his sister weren't exactly hanging back waiting for the Supreme Court to okay same-sex sodomy before they got down to some opposite-sex incest. Striking down an insulting, discriminatory, unconstitutional law will not, as Santorum fears, open the doors to incest, adultery, bigamy, and bestiality. Straight people blew those doors off their hinges long, long ago. And as the New Republic pointed out, adultery is already legal in some places--like Texas. Bestiality is also legal in Texas. So is straight buttfucking. It's only gay sex that Texas prohibits. Which hardly seems fair.

Of course, a good joke is also needed. Molly Ivins said (and I'm paraphrasing here): "When [legislator A] and [legislator B] got the sodomy law passed, [legislator A] slapped [legislator B] on the back, immediately breaking their own law, because in Texas you cannot have a prick touching an asshole."

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