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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Bush's Speech 
7th-Sep-2003 11:25 pm
Trevor baby stare
If anyone knows where I can download a video of Bush's speech tonight, let me know. C-SPAN didn't seem to have it and CNN wants you to pay for a subscription to get video.

Anyway, as usual his speech (transcript) showed little in the way of specific facts and plans. One general statement I found particularly problematic was "And the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people is to engage the enemy where he lives and plans."

First of all, American soldiers are "our own people," and they are under attack in Iraq. Second, the September 11th hijackers were living and planning in America (among other places). Until the Iraq war, no terrorist strike against Americans had been planned by anyone living in Iraq. (At least that I'm aware of.) Unfortunately, somebody neglected to inform 69 percent of Americans, aided by frequent associations (but never a claim, natch) of Saddam (pronounced like Sodom) and terrorism.

These words should come as no surprise. George W. Bush excels at making statements so general as to become vacuous and uses keywords like "freedom" so that people are afraid to question him, lest they be accused of being anti-freedom. There was a very good article in The Nation a while ago about this.
8th-Sep-2003 03:00 pm (UTC)
Hear! Hear!
Down with Big Brother and Double Speak!
(the parallels are so amazingly accurate - its frightening)
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