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Trevor Stone's Journal
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RIP The Man In Black 
12th-Sep-2003 10:19 am
black titan
The Morning Sound Alternative, as I was getting up today, played about five Johnny Cash songs in a row. As I walked out the door to work, I realized "Wow. He must have died."

My belief was confirmed.

Anyone who thinks country music is just a bunch of whiny high-pitched glitter needs to listen to more Johnny Cash.
12th-Sep-2003 05:15 pm (UTC)
My memory is poor, so understand that any statement of mine has a large margin of error.

skipperdee and boyfriend Josh pointed out on Weds. that a singer (name is Warren Zevon?) best known for the song Werewolf of London put out a farewell to the living album in the past month and died within a week of its release.

They also had to say that he had been given a low life expectancy due to a cancer prognosis (on the scale of 3 months, which he outlived by 6 mo.s). His health was such that his vocals on the last track were recorded in his living room due to lack of mobility.

That got me thinking about Johnny Cash's incredible version of "Hurt" and how frail he looked in that video, and to wondering if that was indeed to be his farewell to the living album.

Mortality is weird. When I saw John Cleese's cameo in the first Harry Potter movie, I realized that someday, he will be unable to meaningfully cameo in such charming and fun roles. :(
12th-Sep-2003 09:03 pm (UTC)
let's all hang our heads. what a guy, what a man. he's a legend in every right! we love you jc.
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