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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Is Belief Sufficient for Virtue? 
24th-Sep-2003 04:48 pm
Trevor baby stare
Why did Steve donate money to charity?
Because he believes he should give to worthy causes.
But why did he act on that belief?
Because he believes he should act on his "ought-beliefs".
But why did he act on his ought-belief of acting on his ought-beliefs?

This is a succinct glimpse at one of the key components to a philosophical theory of willpower, but few theorists seem to pick up on it. There needs to be some interface from the belief sphere to the action sphere which "just does it," which translates beliefs into actions. Before we can formulate a good picture of akratic action, we need to have a decent understanding of how this mechanism works.

This has been an insight which summarizes, in about 2% of the space, a paper I wrote a few years ago.

I had something else witty to say, but I forgot it by the time my client came up.
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