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Trevor Stone's Journal
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Interest Haiku #3 - Wordplay 
29th-Sep-2003 10:23 pm
inner maiden animated no words
Interest Haiku #3: Wordplay

Cunning linguist speaks
Tongue twisters for twisted minds
French kiss mother tongue

Frequent readers of my journal have been subjected to many a pun, but my linguistic sense doesn't just desire puns, but games too. I love rounding people up into a circle to tell a story a word at a time. I love games like Apples to Apples. When I hear an interesting phrase or a common idiom, my first instinct is to rearrange the words, make slight letter changes, or provide another context where the phrase might sound interesting or bizarre. For instance:

<asako> I like my tongue where it is, thank you very much.
<Flwyd> I like my tongue where yours is, too.
30th-Sep-2003 01:07 am (UTC) - Interest Haiku #3

Language is a toy
Why not turn it inside-out?
Upside-down as well.
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