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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
a fun day off 
5th-Oct-2001 12:16 am
Trevor baby stare
I went to bed last night feeling like I'd figured out most of the concepts needed for my network systems program (a chat server/client). Something like 2:30am. I then rolled out of bed at 11:30 Thursday morning, the first day of Fall Break. I spent the next 12 hours and 30 minutes finishing the project, which was due at midnight. Emailed with a minute and eight seconds to spare, baby! I have not left Brackett hall since... 24 hours ago. And I haven't departed my floor save for one DP. I think I spent fifteen minutes total preparing and consuming food. Perhaps 5 minutes in the bathroom. 10 minutes taking a break. So, 12 hours today, call it 4 last night, and probably 2 elsewhere. And we have a bigger program due in three weeks. Can I find 20 hours between now and then, given that one weekend features me in Ohio? And I have a bunch of work to do on Cronos? Only lack of time will tell.

Oh, and just 'cause I'm a geek, I wrote almost all of the project in gvim (running on X windows) from MacOS X. Unfortunately, fvwm didn't want to compile and I didn't have time to bother getting another window manager, so, unlike a true geek, I had to do so in twm. If I get half a chance, I'll play with and download some more cool MacOS X stuff, besides YaxJournal.

On the plus side, it was an overcast day out. It might have rained or something. Like I said, I haven't left in a while. But I'm a much bigger fan of the summer-in-August temperatures of earlier this week.

In other news, congratulatory hugz time for slyviolet. You rule!
Shoulda said!
You kick ass!
Shoulda said!
You're the best!
5th-Oct-2001 03:27 pm (UTC) - Awwwwuh!!
*Big thank you hugs (to be delivered via air mail sometime on or around Yuletide Winter Holiday)*
Thank you muchly, good sir.
I can't wait to come home, I miss you tons.
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