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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
This and That 
16th-Nov-2003 09:03 pm
Trevor baby stare
"The wit of Cowboy Poetry shows a different side, the Oscar Wilde West."

"The speech was well received by all the banqueteers.

Using math as an example, a great many people set forth to discover what the world is like by using Reason and some Core Axioms. The task, however, is much more challenging. Faced with what the world is like, we try to discover its Core Axioms. Such endeavors often depend on intuition at a critical step. Furthermore, infinite possible systems could produce a given observed set of outputs.

People who insist in placing the Ten Commandments everywhere from the Alabama Supreme Court to every classroom in the country don't seem to realize that the Big 10 were a deal Between JHVH and the Jews. They aren't even supposed to apply to non-Jews. Never mind the fact that most of Jewish Law was dropped in Christendom.
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