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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
My Client 
19th-Jun-2001 12:25 am
Trevor baby stare
My situation:
  1. I'm using MacOS X
  2. I'm at home
  3. Correlary to 2: I'm using PPP
  4. While making my first LiveJournal update, my PPP connection timed out because I took a while to write my entry. And besides,
  5. I don't like to tie up the phone line unnecessarily

So I decide to check out what cool open source LiveJournal software will work on my computer. I'm pleased to note that there's a MacOS X version, which I downloaded, as well as a perl version (jlj), which I downloaded, being a Unix junkie and preferring console solutions to GUI ones. My idea of a LJ client was that it would ask you questions, let you write, and then connect to the server. It was the final assumption that didn't hold. Both the MacOS X client and jlj connect first, do some business, and then drop you into an editor. This means that you can't start writing if there's someone on the phone line, even if they will be done when you're done.

So I did what any self-respecting perl geek would do -- started rearranging code. I noticed that the TODO list for jlj included queueing and caching. So I wrote some caching subs (thus eliminating the reasons it connected before writing in the first place) and queue save/post subs. The comment about a queue in the TODO comment was that it could get hairy, that input code might need to be rewritten. This is not the case, I believe my queueing is just shy of full functionality, and that gap should be closed with a little code rearranging. (Left undone in favor of sleep tonight.) Possible additional features for LiveJournal clients include checking if the Audio CD in the drive is playing and, if so, get its artist and title, using it as a default for mood. Just another advancement in the CDDB laziness trend.

With that out of the way, I can write the journal entries I was going to wirte on Sunday. Why didn't I just write them in vim and just copy/paste later? (a) That would be too easy, (b) This way gives me the ability to post without opening a web browser. Which is often a welcome ability, (c) Avoiding copy/paste is, all other things equal, to be avoided, like when you want to keep your clipboard in tact. And MacOS X as yet lacks the k-rad features of drag-and-drop and command-click URLs.

In other news, people will gather in my back yard for summer solstace this week. I might go see Juno Reactor and Medicine Drum tonight (Tuesday) and it looks like my Over the Edge series will be running on Mondays. I expect my adoring reader to await updates on these events with baited breath.

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