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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Quiz Answers 
28th-Nov-2003 10:46 pm
tell tale heart
Final standings:
1  	MLE  	30
2 	that g!rl 	28
3 	Kat 	28
4 	tia 	23
5 	Stephanova 	21
6 	Aaron 	21
7 	kakos 	21
8 	Malakim_angel 	21
9 	Hebert 	18
10 	nother 	17
11  	Alia  	16
12 	me 	16
13 	alacrity 	16
14 	falcondreams 	16
15 	Lurker 	15
16 	dan 	12
17 	Annabel 	12
18 	RowanHeart 	12
19 	rubicantoto 	9

1. What's on my birth certificate between "Trevor" and "Stone"?

Nothing (0 points) 5
Keir (1 points) 3
MacFergus (1 points) 2
Keir MacFergus (5 points) 7
MacFergus Keir (2 points) 2
Keir is one letter off my mom's last name Keiry. MacFergus means "son of Fergus," which is my dad's name. For an extra 10 points, tell me what my brother's middle names are. Hint: they're the same as mine, but quite different!

2. Where did Trevor's parents meet?

Fairview High School (0 points) 3
A Vietnam Protest (0 points) 6
Honors Folklore (5 points) 5
A Concert Featuring My Dad (0 points) 4
A Beer and Steer Party (0 points) 1
Er, oops. I mean Honors Mythology (at CU in the late '60s). I enrolled in Honors Folklore, but had to drop it. Factoid: my parents were married in '69 on the same weekend as Woodstock.

3. Which is Flwyd Least Likely to Eat?

Brie (5 points) 3
Chocolate-covered Grasshoppers (0 points) 4
Hagis (0 points) 7
Sushi (0 points) 1
Tofu Hot Dogs (0 points) 4
Flwyd is allergic to dairy, so cheese is out. Even when I ate cheese, I wasn't a fan of stinky gooey cheese. I've eaten and enjoyed hagis. I like sushi, but I'm not as all over it as some people are. (I'd rather pay the same amount for three times as much food.) Tofu hot dogs are pretty good, especially with some pickle relish. And I haven't had chocolate-covered grasshoppers only because it's never come up. I've eaten live ants, and they're pretty tasty (and high in protein!), so I'd certainly try a grashopper. I suspect hagis was the favorite because the answerers would least like to eat it.

4. What's Trevor's Elemental Life Metaphor?

Earth - Bountiful and Receiving (0 points) 1
Fire - Intense and Passionate (0 points) 3
Lake - Peaceful and Reflective (2 points) 5
Mountain - Strong and Firm (0 points) 1
River - Flexible and Focused (5 points) 9
Well, yeah. Flwyd is all about moving water.

5. How Many Girlfriends / Sex Parters has Flwyd Had?

0 / 0 (0 points) 0
1 / 0 (0 points) 2
1 / 1 (2 points) 3
2 / 1 (5 points) 10
2 / 2 (2 points) 4
Good job, everyone. This is an exercise in following along with my journal.

6. Trevor's Life Philosophy Most Resembles...

Aristotle (0 points) 4
Christ (0 points) 4
Confucius (0 points) 2
Lao Tsu (5 points) 7
Nietzsche (3 points) 2
I look like Christ, I've dressed as him for Halloween, and I've toyed with taking a Jesus stand-up show and/or indie film on the road, but my life philosophy differs from most interpretations of Christ's life philosophy. Confucius is too into fixed roles; I'm all about creating my role as it develops. I don't know the details of Aristotle's life philosophy very well, but the little reading I've done seems to waffle between stating the obvious and being quite wrong. I like Nietzsche's philosophy of saying "Yes!" to life, of trying on ideas for size, and of unusual (and contradictory) virtues, like solitude. But I find the most resonance with Lao Tsu and Chuang Tsu. My ideal life is awash in flwydity, appreciating the beauty in the small and weak, fighting fire with water, appreciating balance, and action without action.

7. Flwyd Hasn't Gotten a Haircut / Shave in X / Y Years:

5 /5 (0 points) 2
9 / 5 (1 points) 8
9 / 9 (4 points) 2
9 / 24 (5 points) 7
24 / 24 (1 points) 0
That's right. I've never shaved, and my last haircut was the summer before my freshman year in high school. Due to a typo, the correct answer was originally worth 0 points, so several of you should have five more points. 9/9 is pretty close, though, since I started growing a 'stache around summer '94.

8. Trevor Hasn't Held Which of These Jobs?

Cashier (5 points) 6
Desk Clerk (0 points) 5
Programmer (0 points) 0
Resident Advisor (0 points) 0
Umpire (0 points) 8
I was a Little League umpire for two years in high school; it was my first job and a lot of fun. I'd love to volunteer in such a capacity again; especially if I have kids. Being an RA doesn't pay much, so I made extra cash by working at the front desk or in the mail room. Working the desk gave me a better understanding of what goes on in Housing, and working as a mail clerk gave an interesting perspective on little slices of peoples' lives. And, of course, I've had several programming jobs and assume I'll have many more. So I can proudly say I can't identify with "Clerks," but I still think it's bloody hillarious.

9. What\'s the Proper Event Order in Flwyd's Life?

Lose Virginity, Get Driver's License, Drink Legally 1
Get Driver's License, Lose Virginity, Drink Legally 2
Drink Legally, Lose Virginity, Get Driver's License 9
Lose Virginity, Drink Legally, Get Driver's License 2
Drink Legally, Get Driver's License, Lose Virginity 5
That's right. I first drank legally on my 21st birthday with my parents at Connor O'Neil's for lunch, and then stayed up all night writing a homework assignment in Scheme. I lost my virginity about a month later, and didn't get my driver's license until the following summer. GO ALT.TRANS HIPPIE.

10. Which Actress/Movie has Trevor Not Had the Hots For?

Carrie Fischer / Return of the Jedi... 1
Li Gong / The Emperor and the Assas... 1
Shirley MacLaine / The Apartment (0 points) 8
Carrie Anne Moss / The Matrix (0 points) 9
Audrey Tautou / Amelie (0 points) 0
The first time I saw RotJ I was about 4, so I wasn't turned on then. And women who are restrained don't do that much for me. So while Leia was hot, I've never walked away from the movie saying "Damn. I wish I could jump her bones." Li Gong's character, on the other hand, is the hottest Asian I've ever seen. MacLaine had this cute short hair cut, but was sad for much of the movie, evoking a protect/comfort response. I saw "The Apartment" after "Some Like It Hot" and walked out fantasizing about Shirley MacLaine instead of Marilyn Monroe. Clearly I'm unusual. And while I didn't think Trinity was that hot in the second Matrix (or in Memento), in the first movie she was the epitome of ass-kicking, computer using, power fighting, tight black wearing hotness. For a while, I would rearrange the windows on my screen so I had a better look at Trinity on my desktop. And good job on Ms. Tautou everyone. The world needs more hot geek love.
1st-Dec-2003 05:30 pm (UTC)
I WIN!!!!

Oh, BOO YAH. That is so sweet.

I need to revel in this for a sec...

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