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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
On Exiting the Acadawomb 
29th-Nov-2003 06:18 pm
Trevor baby stare
While I'm looking forward to graduation, I have this sense that I'll miss out on all sorts of interesting opportunities. Case in point: Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence: The Scientific Investigation of Consciousness, Spring 2004. It looks like Mike will welcome auditors if there's space in the course. Of course, my own perspective on consciousness at 9am hasn't been very clear in the past six years.

One of the listed topics of discussion is "neurophysiologggical correlates of awareness." I wonder if that's included to test whether the reader's awareness includes misspellings.

Roight. Back to converting my masters comps into LATEX so I can graduate.

If everyone who wrote in LATEX wore latex, academia would be a very different place.
29th-Nov-2003 07:52 pm (UTC)
Can we not get some bakers to participate in this forum, who will advocate that the roots of consciousness reside in the eclair?

Oooh, me! I will!! Chocolate, cream filling and puff pastry? This is, at least, at the root of my consciousness.

That class sounds wonderfully interesting... I found that once I graduated, though I was happy to, I felt "unplugged." I think not taking classes my be and interesting test of your personal consciousness as well...
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