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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Weekend Update 
9th-Dec-2003 01:40 am
inner maiden animated no words
I spent most of the weekend moving Aria from my house to her new apartment. This involved fetching a futon + frame from Broomfield, her scattered belongings about my house, and various items from her former home while her husband wasn't present (including, passively aggressively, the shower curtain). We had a "welcome home" ritual in her new living room on Sunday night. She hadn't set up her bookshelf yet, so we used the constituent cinder blocks and bricks to support candles and icons. We did a word association exercise that managed to produce "Mutual Investment Fund" and several hairy chests. Timing is everything; it snowed today. In transporting a carload she managed to blow out a tire and drive from Folsom and Arapahoe to 28th and Glenwood (3-4 miles, I think) on the rim of her husband's car. He had been negligent about filling the tire with air, so there's another piece for the fight recipe. Pictures forthcoming.

You know how the Wal*Mart stereotype is 70-year-old guys standing at the door to greet customers? Imagine the same concept for Abercrombie and Fitch. But instead of geezers, it's two pretty boys without shirts and showing their boxers. Pictures forthcoming.

Edit: On Saturday night I went to an Irish music concert at the Niwot Grange. It was a benefit for the relief fund for victems of the Overland Fire that destroyed 16 Jamestown homes. No pictures forthcoming.

I read for my final ΤΒΠ initiation as a student and also spoke at the banquet. I think I did pretty well, given my lack of preparation, but probably went on too long. The point I wanted to emphasize is the basic existentialist question "Who are you, Trevor?" I also wore a suit and top hat. Pictures forthcoming.

Nightline tonight was pretty cool. The father of the first U.S. casualty in Iraq this year is visiting as a peace activist. He set a crucifix in the sand where his son died. And to add to the poetry of the moment, his son's name was Jesus. I stayed home from work today to get some schoolwork done. Was astoundingly inefficient, probably from waking up early all weekend to move stuff. No pictures forthcoming.

I'm attending The Blind Boys of Alabama with Mavis Staples and John Medeski at The Boulder Theater. Tickets are $30 (including tax) and the show's guaranteed to rock. The cool thing about Eclectic Paganism is I can groove to gospel without committing to Christ. Pictures hopefully forthcoming.

The annual Winter Solarbration, aka the Winter Solstice Revels, is on Saturday, December 20th. It's a totally awesome party with easy social dancing, a Mummer's Play, Pagan feel (though it's a cultural, not religious, holiday celebration), and the ever-haunting 1000-year-old Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance. Now there's a nonverbal ritual to conjure by. It'll send shivers up your spine all the way home. Many pictures forthcoming.
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