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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
Leap Post 
23rd-Dec-2003 01:00 am
inner maiden animated no words
Spring up, trees of utility!
The gift of Athena, may you bear many gifts in this year
And may we avoid our pitfalls with ease.
We use olive the parts of the tree!

Keep watch, trees of passing!
Formed as flame, may you watch over the passed
And make their memory more plesent.
The darkness will not cypress us!

Lean down, trees of mourning!
Manifestation of sorrow, may you comfort us in loss
And protect the child from the evil queen.
We may be sad, but we will not willow in it!

Stand firm, trees of continual life!
Always green, may you nourish us in lean times
And give us hope for the return of light.
We wrap ourselves in your fir!

Be as you are, tree of the world!
Supporter of life, give us structure
And tingle our spines.
We sit on the Yggdrasil and watch the world through
our belly button window!

This is my 366th post. I started this journal in the middle of June, 2001, which means I've averaged a post every 2.5 days or so. It certainly doesn't feel that way.

So I was reading the "Year 2003" meme some folks have done and answering it in my head to decide if my answers would be interesting enough to warrant writing. One of the questions is "Did anyone close to you have a baby?" After a little thought, I decided I didn't think so. Little did I know. Kaleigh had a kid. So yay! Kaleigh has a kid, Matt's getting married, Brendan's already married, mgeorge appears head-over-heels. The conclusion? The Minions have no problem getting lovin'. And I'm all graduamated now, with distinction, so I feel like I wouldn't be letting down a girl by devoting most of my waking attention, not to mention my thoughts as I drift asleep and wake up, to school. I ought to list geek love as an interest.

Speaking of gettin' lovin', my haul from this evening's White Elephant with my circle was a sniped pair of glow-in-the-dark erotic dice. Die one's faces are touch, kiss, massage, tease, blow, and lick. On the other die are toes, nipples, boobs, body, lips, and "?" Having separate faces for nipples and boobs seems unfair, since guys don't really have boobs. But these should be fun. I might even get to bust 'em out for Kachiko poison counters :-)

With Hestia, Adonis, and a Yule Log, we had a definite tree theme going. I wrote the calls floating to the right.

Speaking of Solstice, I watched the sun rise this morning with the spiffaricious stephanova at Betasso nature preserve. More accurately, we stood in the snow marking how cloud-covered the east was and were surprised an hour later when it appeared over Bear Mountain. Spiffy pictures forthcoming.

Speaking of Solstice, I had a blast as always at the Winter Solarbration, engaging in several contra- and square dances with stephanova, watching some fabulous Capoeira and Morris dances, the back half of a mummer's play, and the always-haunting Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. Spooky pictures forthcoming.

Speaking of nothing in particular, I have a (second) job interview this evening with Eagle Computer Systems. They write form processing applications for county governments in ways which sound more interesting than you might think. (It sounds like writing the software would be much more fun than using it.) They say the interview may take around four hours. I'm excited. I also need to finish my application and get to bed.

"There is no Christmas. There is only Yuul!" -- Slashdot comment
23rd-Dec-2003 01:02 am (UTC)
i own a pair of those dice... I never used them. But then I used regular dice and made up number to verb / part lists... That worked out well. Carpe Diem! ;)
23rd-Dec-2003 01:17 am (UTC)
Ah yes, my friends and I have had fun with those dice. "Touch toes," "blow body," and "massage lips" were our favorites.
23rd-Dec-2003 07:57 am (UTC)
For reference, I believe Kaleigh also has a LiveJournal. I'm not sure what it is though, you'd have to check Erin's friends list.
23rd-Dec-2003 11:54 pm (UTC)
i am an aunt. woot.
24th-Dec-2003 11:11 am (UTC)
The darkness will not cypress us?
You've really got a way with woods.

..I'm looking forward to your forthcoming pictures.

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