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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
1st-Jan-2004 08:17 am
requiem for a dream eye
My circle, though it may have had different membership somewhat, wanted to climb a mountain to reach this woman whose name I can't recall (let's call her She). We took a lot of stuff, including a cooler of food. I of course was running up and down, scouting ahead and reporting back. After much toil we neared the top. In front of the temple I found four packets of blowdarts or something. There was an electronic device on both sides of the door that buzzed slightly whenever someone put a hand or body over the threshold, so I went back to everyone.

Shortly thereafter we met She. She seemed fairly normal -- early 30s or so. Long hair the color of ash, dark complexion. She and some of us and some other people went near a lake and were planning future rituals. I ended up with four other folks in one corner of the lake planning something neat. In that dream way where you just know something, we were in Florida or somewhere similar, so the water was very warm. The fact that Florida's highest point is 345 feet didn't make this discongruous. We made plans for doing sabbat rituals in different places. My group was in the southwest corner of the lake. I think Beltane was in the north, so we would've been Yule, which is probably why Florida was keen.

While it originally seemed that we were climbing because She would initiate us into something, our evening was fairly casual; I don't remember if initiation happened or not. The next day She led us out to a back yard to be in a ritual with several other people. I was helping a group of stragglers, one of whom was centaur-like, get out there. We arrived and then, led by the horsey one, we stood four-in-an-arc slightly inside the rest of the circle, with the horsey one standing on a pile of wood chips or something. A priest was passing around some chocolatey substance that you were supposed to serve with a small flat spoon (which I think got licked by everyone). Moved by horsey instincts, I picked up the spoon with my mouth, to the laughter and derision of many.

Although there was a more superior woman present (early 60s maybe), She was clearly involved with the planning. After the circle circled a few times, she started talking. She said May 11th was coming up, which was on her calendar as Women's Effusion day (or something like that; an e word that indicated menstruation). Apparently it's a national holiday, and though she disliked the name, she thought it was a good holiday. In her sermonette, she indicated that the proprietor of a website ought to be struck down (or perhaps exposed as wrong). Visiting the site revealed the rather adolescent design of a low-in-content website of a self-proclaimed Satanist. He was a serious poser and claimed responsibility for some silly things like earthquakes (I can't remember just what).

I did have a few circle folks over, though we didn't talk too much about planning ritual, other than determining that Tuesday's a good night for full moon. I also went to bed drunk on champagne, but the dream occurred arund 8am.
1st-Jan-2004 11:01 pm (UTC)
That's a very impressive and substantive dream to start off 2004 with. Lucky you. :)
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