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Trevor Stone's Journal
Those who can, do. The rest hyperlink.
13th-Jan-2004 08:28 am
tell tale heart
An old friend (real life, who I've had a background distance crush on for several years but haven't seen in just as long) was coming into town for a long weekend event. We both went to an unrelated event (concert?) on Friday night; we first connected outside the bus down there. It took her a bit to realize who I was, but then she gave an "OMG!" and a big hug.

As a sure sign of dorkiness, even in my invented life, the following events did not actually transpire in my dream. However, her account appeared on LiveJournal and looked something like this.
Big surprise last night. Ran into a friend I haven't seen in years. Interesting things followed. Scrambled to find contraceptive. Looked up a particular word in the dictionary this morning to see if the definition fits. It does. Conference started today and is going well, but this weekend is more exciting than even I'd anticipated.

There were two breakfasts involved, since she had to go to her conference before I woke up. I had an omelet when I got up and then we had jellied crepes (sans cream) later. And even though it was a G-rated dream, it had some pretty blissful hugs.
13th-Jan-2004 04:12 pm (UTC)
That is so beautiful.
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