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on 12 June 2001 (#179498)
On 9 January 2022
Trevor Stone
26 September 1979
"Trevor, you're not a person, you're an experience." -- Anne

A computer geek with a minor in philosophy. A fantasy gamer who hasn't played a computer game in years. An atheistic religious practitioner. A libertarian communist. A do-it-yourselfer who's always willing to help. A political activist who has issues working with people. A UNIX-advocating Mac user. Gregorian chant and heavy metal fan. A busy procrastinator. Jesus with a shark on his head.

I am impossible to offend, disgust, or creep out. My posts are an opportunity to exercise utter free speech. You may use the comments section to exercise that same freedom. If you agree or disagree with what I have to say, say it loud and say it proud!

I periodically add total strangers to my friends list. This usually indicates that I think the person has interesting things to say, and it lets me learn how people think. I'm not creepy, just weird and inquisitive.

I don't write friends-only posts, I'm just up-front and open. Since this is a journal, I use it primarily as a record of my thoughts. That said, I try to provide my adoring readers with occasional short and entertaining posts. In the last several years, I haven't posted much about my personal life. This is mostly because my day-to-day life is fairly routine. If you'd like to hear more about my inner life, give me feedback.

I have a list of interests, many of which wouldn't fit, on my webpage.

I post as flwyd on Dreamwidth and crosspost to LiveJournal. I'll continue to read posts and comments in both places. If you're of the twittering persuasion, you can follow @flwyd. I don't parrot tweets to LiveJournal or vice versa, preferring to use each medium for what it's best at. If you want the full following experience, I'm on Google+. If you like reading code as much as you like reading blogs, you can see what flwyd's got on GitHub. Oh yeah, and I'm on LinkedIn.

Be seeing you!
adult swim, apricity, arguments, artificial intelligence, asian food, authenticity, being anal, being naked, being silly, boulder, breasts, british comedy, burning man, captain beefheart, cascading style sheets, cat and girl, cats, ccgs, challenging strongly-held beliefs, change, chinese philosophy, cleverness, cognitive science, colorado, computer science, consistency, crossing boundaries, cuddling, death, debate, decentralization, defying categorization, denver, deserts, distributed systems, documentary, don quixote, douglas adams, dry leaves, ethnic music, ethnic religion, evolution, evolutionary psychology, existentialism, exquisite corpse, fantasy games, film, film noir, flwydity, folklore, foreign film, formal systems, free culture, free software, functional programming, funk, game theory, geeks, genus allium, geography, google, green party, heuristics, hot springs, humor, improvisation, independence, interdependence, inventing obscure interests, irony, irrationality, java, jokes, jorge luis borges, koyaanisqatsi, l5r, laziness, leadership, left brain, lexemes, low-tech solutions, lucid drumming, macintosh, macos x, maps, marx brothers, massive mp3 collections, mathnet, metaphor, mind opening, monty python, myth, mythology, national geographic, natural language, new vista high school, nietzsche, nonverbal ritual, open source software, over the edge, paganism, perl, philosophy, photography, phylum arthropoda, pie, pink floyd, polyatheism, programming, progressive politics, psychedelic music, psychology, puns, puzzles, reading strangers' journals, religious tradition, right brain, ritual, role playing, ruby, self-reference, shadowfist, silent film, spam, states of consciousness, subverting the dominant paradigm, surrealism, swashbuckling, taoism, tau beta pi, the simpsons, theory, transparency, uluru, undecidability, unicycling, university of colorado, unix, user interfaces, voluptuous women, water, watership down, weakness of will, weird hats, white elephants, wit, wordplay, zen, zippy the pinhead,

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